Finally revealed…

Ancient Secrets Of
Mind Power, Concentration And Energy Cultivation


Dear fellow seeker,
Here are some important questions, answer them carefully:

Did you ever try to meditate and ended  up fighting with a continuous stream of thoughts that you couldn’t stop now matter how hard you tried?

During meditation, do you find yourself wondering if you are doing it correctly?

Did you read or hear so much about spiritual growth and mind power that you are left confused? Did you ever you wish someone could finally tell you in easy to understand language, step by step and very precise, what you should do?

Do you sometimes complain about weak concentration and focus?

It Is Not Your Fault!

Maybe you ever saw the attraction at a fair where you can climb a rope ladder ? There is always this guy who appears suddenly and climbs the ladder like it is easy as a pie.

Yes, when you try to climb it yourself to win the price, you quickly come to realize that it is not so easy as the guy made you think.

Apparently there is a certain technique or trick which you have to know… but which is only passed on to the ‘insiders”.

For an outsider, who doesn’t have that information it is impossible to climb that ladder, except for a few rare exceptions.

The same is true for developing the power of your mind
if you never were taught the right technique, you will keep trying but are basically groping in the dark.

My Story…

Since my early childhood I have been extremely fascinated about how the mind works and what potential we can access through it. I didn’t have any special abilities or anything like that and started to read a truckload of books about everything related to the subject, I went to workshops, etc. Yet almost everywhere I would run into contradictions, things that just didn’t make sense for me or where the progress was painfully slow.

I almost started to believe that I was on the wrong track and that just maybe you need some sort of gift or blessing to be able to use the latent abilities of the mind. Luckily from this realization on I focused myself on only searching for PRACTICAL techniques…

And after a while I had enough strange experiences to confirm that I was indeed on the right track, which of course fueled my huge thirst for knowledge. Increasingly more I was starting to get convinced that the latent powers of the mind are in fact skills which any person can learn to develop. So it is just a matter of finding someone who can teach you the skills.

I started to collect, compare and systematize information about the power of the mind from nearly every continent on earth. And after a whole lot of traveling I came to the conclusion that a lot of the information available in the West, about spiritual growth or the training of the mind, is not completely correct, plain wrong, strongly diluted or misinterpreted.

How I Was Tested By A Guru

On one night I was given an exercise by one of my teachers  – someone who I had found after a long search and a bunch of lucky ‘coincidences’. I was given a meditation technique with a specific mantra, which I had to do that night from 11 PM until 4 AM.

By that time I was getting used to that sort of training…
but this time he decided to add some extra things to the training: I had to sit on a small pillow without moving it, make a certain movement with my hand… all at the same time, while being blindfolded!

I soon came to realize that this was one of the toughest assignments I was ever given. During the meditation I experienced phases where my thoughts were completely gone. I don’t know for how long because all notion of time was gone. It could be that I still had to sit there for 2 hours or for 5 minutes… I didn’t have a clue.

There was this battle going on inside of me to keep holding on and complete the session … eventually my teacher came to rescue me from this test… at 5 AM – an hour later than necessary.

Relieved that this ordeal was over, I told him that this one was a bit hard. He smiled and pulled a strange object with bizarre symbols out of the blindfold.

He went on to explain that this object is used to suck energy away through my eyes, which makes the exercise much more difficult and really tests my willpower.

With a big grin he explained that he uses this technique to test if his student is serious or not…

… and when he is not serious, he is not given the complete techniques and methods. Suddenly I realized why there is so much wrong or incomplete information  about this subject in the Western world.

But It Doesn’t Have To Be Like That

Look, if you are getting incomplete or even wrong information and it is presented to you as being right and complete – sometimes with the best intentions – you can’t help it if you are not getting the results you are hoping for.

Discover The 5 Most Common Mistakes In Developing Mind Power

1. Wanting To Completely Stop Your Thoughts

Ok, it is possible to stop your thoughts and is a skill you can learn. But have you ever wondered about why you think you need to stop your thoughts? Because this is something which is often taken out of its context.

When you meditate correctly, stopping the thoughts is just a side effect which comes automatically. It is is not the goal by itself though. It is the ultimate step to take control over your thoughts at the levels of consciousness where your thoughts have much more power. This helps you to avoid problems once you are operating at such levels.

So it is still a useful skill to have. For very advanced training it is even necessary: there are masters in China who will not even let you into their door if you can’t sit still without having any thoughts for at least 2 hours.

Luckily there is a special method to deal with your thoughts in a natural way, allowing you to be in this state of mental quietness for increasingly longer time.

2. Meditating On The Wrong Time Of The Day

Did you know that there are certain times of the day which are good for specific types of meditation, while being counter productive for other types?

There is a continuously revolving cycle in energy, where positive and negative energy switch places according to a natural rhythm.

Most people don’t know about this rhythm and just meditate when they feel like it. There is an ideal period for mind power meditation. When you do your meditation at these times of the day, it is easier to stay concentrated yet relaxed.

For meditation which cultivates energy, there are other periods which are more optimal. At certain times of the day it is even unhealthy to do this type of meditation because it increases negative energy.

So it makes a huge difference which meditation you are doing at what time of the day.

Top athletes know the rhythm of their body and adjust their training to the different phases of their biological clock during the day. Just like with the physical training of top athletes, it is important to adjust your mental training to the different phases of the energetic cycle if you want to drastically improve your results and speed up your progress.

3. Not Knowing What You Want To Achieve With Your Meditation

There are hundreds of forms of meditation. All with a different goal. For example a simple visualization meditation has a totally different goal then a deep zen meditation. So it is important to know what you want to achieve, so you can pick the right form of mental training or meditation.

The difference between active versus passive mediation is important.

Active meditation is where you work on certain goals: manifesting, goal setting, obtaining information. In this type of meditation you are actively using the mind to achieve something. It is a dynamic form.

Passive meditation is where you want the mind to get quiet and turned inward. Training this type of meditation increases your concentration and focus which in turn allows fro your thoughts to have more power in the active meditation.

4. Wrong Position Of The Body During Meditation

Ok, for just relaxing a bit or being ‘mindful’, the position of your body doesn’t matter so much. Sure there are some points to pay attention to like having your back straight and not constricting your blood flow.

On the other hand, if you want to use meditation as a mental training, with the goal of increasing your concentration and mind power in order to get access to your full potential, details become VERY important. This is the difference between amateur sports and playing with the pros.

For example the position of the head makes a huge difference. One position increases the number of thoughts, while another position makes you sleepy. The position of the eyes is important too. Even the position of your legs play a role since this has an effect on the position of the back and how easy energy can flow through it. These are the small details in which the secrets to success or failure are hidden.

5. Only Paying Attention To The Mind And Not To The Body

Of course the opposite is much more common, like the saying: “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

If you are only training the mind without involving the body in it, there is no balance. The same holds true if you are only training the body but not the mind.

“Thank you for this beautiful wisdom ever again.
Thank you, greetings,”

“Hey Conrad,
thank you, great you are putting so much effort into this.
warm greetings,”

“Me too, just finished Ultra Dynamic Mind, which was a beautiful experience and the Zensation manual provides benefit.”

“After the course I didn’t let you know anything, but I’m working on what you have thought us!! .. and yes you help us move forward and that is the most important thing !! With interesting points !!”

“Hello Conrad,
Thank you for your efforts I enjoyed your course and hope to get the rewards of what I learnded. Hope to speak with you again in the very near future it had real benefited for me.”

Why Is Meditation Important?

In the first place meditation is necessary for increasing your mind power and gaining access to the latent abilities of the mind. You need to be able to reach much deeper states of consciousness while still being able to function with conscious awareness. You also need to be able to increase your levels of psychic energy and make that energy balanced.

This can be accomplished through meditation. A good meditation method will balance your energies while you are gaining access to deeper levels of your consciousness. There are also meditation techniques which are specifically intended to increase your energy  levels. When you don’t have a good method for meditation you can not activate the full potential of your mind, or at least it would take much, much longer.

If you are for instance working with the things that stem from the hype which was created around The Secret… you are making it harder for yourself than what is really  necessary if you don’t increase your mind power through meditation. In the movie they make it seem like you just have to think about things and they will magically appear in your live…

…unfortunately they don’t tell you everything. Yes, your thoughts have power and can set things into motion. Yet for the most people the power of their mind is to weak and scrambled to really be able to create the changes they actually want.

What is missing? In the first place training to use the states of consciousness in which your thoughts really have power. Secondly, a method to increase your energy levels so you have the needed energy for manifesting.

What Results Can Meditation Bring?

Well,  it can be compared to the difference between the light of a light bulb and a laser beam. In a normal light bulb a lot of energy is lost. The light is being emitted in all directions, and it does not have a lot of power behind it. While the laser on the other hand uses a beam of light which is highly focused and on the same frequency…

We all know what a laser beam can do… it can even cut through metal! You are doing the same with meditation: you are training your mind to operate with a much higher focus, which allows you to put much more power behind your thoughts.

Health Benefits

A lot of research already shows the positive influence of meditation on people their health.
The list is pretty long, but I just emphasize the most important points. As a result of meditation, people experience:

  • Beneficial effects for the immune system
  • More synchronization in both brain hemispheres
  • Increased learning ability and mental focus
  • Greater optimism ad ability to deal with challenges
  • Decrease of the hours of sleep that are needed, higher quality
    of sleep with increased energy during the waking hours
  • Dysfunctional behaviors or feelings like fear, anger, restlessness
    and depression disappear and stop being an issue

Because of all this and because the wrong or incomplete information that exist about this topic and all the confusion and lack of progress it creates, I decided to put together…

A Course On
Mind Power & Energy Cultivation

I did not want to create just another course, so I started by examining what such program for mental training should consist of.

What such a course is NOT: It is not a vague story which promises you to get enlightened in a day. It is also not something which contains a lot of vague theories and fluffy airy stuff.
Not something like The Secret, where people are being promised a lot while not being handed enough tools to continuously deliver that promise. Sure it is great that people are being made aware of the power of their thoughts but unfortunately they are being sold the illusion that without training your mind, you can still use its full power.

No, it had to become a practical step by step training program on energy cultivation and mind power that actually brings results.

What Can You Learn?

Here are some of the things you can learn in the course I have put together:

  • A proven step by step method that works every time to create rest in your head and develop your mind power in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • A method for training the power of your mind until you have a laser like concentration, so you can hold your visualizations with ease and iron focus and your goals manifest themselves like you are ordering them from a menu.
  • Finally a complete overview with all the details, so that you know exactly what to do and don’t loose hours or even years with searching and don’t need to travel all over the world in order to find this. Imagine how fast you could progress if you didn’t had to doubt whether you were doing things correctly and knew with great certainty just what to do.
  • Learn practical methods to take in the energy of several pure, natural sources. These methods are hard to come by, and when they are in books, they are often only explained partially. Because of this you would only get a small part of the energy which you would get if you had the complete method. I will teach you how to obtain energy from trees and plants, water, earth and the air.
  • A method for meditation which balances your energy circulation allowing your kundalini energy to flow freely and without problems.
  • A number of physical techniques which I selected with great care from several systems in over 5 years of research and which allow you not only to cultivate huge amounts of energy, but also let that energy flow smoothly through your body. The amount of inner power you develop with this is tremendous. This is the systematized training I was doing when I was tested by an advanced energy cultivation master and which was proven to increase the energetic potential of the body. World wide there are only a very select few who have been tested and had the conformation their training was effective.
  • The exact breathing methods and intentions you should use with each specific meditation, so you can focus on doing the technique without having to doubt what you should be doing.
  • I will tell you what the best time of the day is for every exercise, which will make things a lot easier for you.

Who Is This Course Not For?

Let us be honest here, a course like this is not for every one. It will probably be to much of a challenge if you have some serious physical or mental problems.

People who prefer a airy fairy story with nice visualization exercises, will probably find this type of mental training too heavy and not have the right motivation in order to work with these techniques.

If you are looking for a magical pill which will make you enlightened almost instantly, without putting in any effort and developing the power of your mind, than this course is not what you are looking for.

If you can bring your mind so concentrated and quiet that you stay calm and relaxed in a situation where even all the zen masters around you jump up in the air, I probably won’t be able to teach you much.

If you can’t find at least half an hour two or three times a week to sit down quietly and focus yourself entirely on your mental training – like you are doing sports for your soul- then you are simply lacking the motivation and willpower to achieve success in this kind of training.

People who don’t have any problem to hold their concentration focused on one single visualization or completely still for at least one hour, without having any single other thought rising to the surface and while not even noticing when a fly walks over their face, don’t need this course either.

How Do You Know If This Program Is For You?

When you are not so sure if the meditation, mental or energy training you are doing is actually helping you to fully awaken your potential… chances are that you are using a wrong method. In this case it is better for you to learn a method which explains you step by step exactly what you should do.

If you are sometimes falling asleep during meditation, you are doing something wrong, which can probably be fixed easily. During this training you will discover what.

You want to know how you can bring your concentration and focus to unknown heights? Discover here how to develop and increase the power of your mind.

You already had enough vague theoretical courses and just want practical training where you can experience first hand what it is all about?

In Short

In short this DVD home study program for mind power and energy cultivation consists of 3 modules.

  • MODULE 1 : Meditation & Mind Power Training

    • A meditation method which will be explained with even the smallest details and which is aimed at increasing your mind power and sharpen your concentration.
    • This specific meditation method also balances the energy flow through your chakras. This will cause your body to automatically take in more energy. This helps to awaken kundalini in a safe and smooth way at later stages.
    • Discover the benefits as well as the disadvantages of different meditation postures.
    • You will be thought step by step and in detail EXACTLY what to do: what to do with your body and what you should do with your thoughts.
  • MODULE 2: Energy Cultivation

    • Learn about the different physical movements that cultivate energy and let it surge  through your body in a powerful way.
      This is ideal for people who are doing healing or bodywork as it will allow you to recharge and make your energy and thus the effect, more strong.
    • Discover the specific breathing method to safely increase your energy levels.
    • This will all be taught in a very methodical and structured way, so that you can keep increasing the amount of energy you cultivate.
    • Revealed are the precise methods to absorb energy from several natural sources.
  • MODULE 3: Magic

    • After being taught how to balance your energy and increase the power of your mind in module 1, and how you can safely yet powerfully cultivate your energy in module 2, you will be taught how to bring this power to life, how to use it practically in this module.
    • Method 1: The specific breathing and concentration technique to send out telepathic messages and commands. This is the method I demonstrates successfully on a European TV channel.
    • Method 2: A technique to develop empathic abilities allowing you to receive information through telepathy. With this technique you can experience your self what another person is experiencing. Even from a distance.
    • Method 3: A powerful way to shape your own reality by charging energy with a specific structure. This is the real manifesting and can bring you what you want in life. This technique is really powerful and requires strong concentration. That’s why I only teach this to people who own or went through this full training. Please use it wisely.
    • Lastly I will teach you how to train your concentration. When your concentration becomes stronger, you can aim your energy and intent more powerfully and are thus able to magically influence your reality more powerfully.

How To Order

What is the price for this complete set for mental training?
How to put a price on this type of information?

If you take into account the number of trips you would have to make, the airplane tickets and other transportation, lodging, translations, time spend on searching and testing, etc. etc…. you would quickly end up with an amount exceeding $20.000 (actually when I start counting I already exceed this amount by far!)

Sure, a price tag like that would make this information only accessible to a very limited group of people.
I decided to share this information, the result of years of research and testing, for just a small fraction of what I invested:
you can get the DVD Home Study course Mind Power  & Energy cultivation for US$ 297



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The course provides you with step by step practical instruction on:

  • MODULE 1 Meditation and Mind Power Training: meditation for energy and mind power
  • MODULE 2 Energy cultivation: techniques to increase your energetic potential
  • MODULE 3 Magic: the practical application for changing your reality


When you order this set you agree to not share any of the content without the explicit written permission to do so from Conrad Raw.

For A Greater Human Potential,
Conrad Raw